A big thanks to the man who helped me realise my dream

I cannot thank this coach enough for his mentoring and encouragement. Without him I'd not have made it to where I wanted to be.
Oct 20th, 2021

Not a single honest person in this world can say they've achieved something without help from an external source; another person who encouraged them and pushed them at a critical point and gave the right advice at the right time.

Some people make more of an impact than others. My parents, for instance, are my biggest fans, my biggest support and the ones I look up to most.

But there are others whom I respect as much, and who've meant almost as much as my own family.

That's why I want to single out the one man I consider to be the most influential in my climb to where I am today: coach Hanko Smit of Nico Malan High School.

Coach Smit, thank you for the time, advice and effort you put into helping me achieve my rugby-playing goals.

I am truly grateful.

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