Sometimes you need to ignore the pain and continue playing

Sometimes you learn a lesson the hard way. And sometimes you play through the pain.
Oct 20th, 2021

The Craven Week rugby weekend was a fantastic experience. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it.

One thing I regret, though, is being felled by a cramp.

It was a sweltering weekend and my coach warned me to take in plenty of fluids. I thought I was following coach's advice, but it turns out my water intake was no match for the 35 degrees Celsius heat we played in.

So my body did what any body should do: it warned me by giving me a nasty cramp.

I took heed. For a bit.

Until the magnetic pull of the game yanked me back into the thrill.

Sometimes you have to weigh up actions and consequences.

A cramp would dissipate, but the chance to play as a Craven Week player didn't come round every weekend.

With that in mind I decided to get back into the game, despite the cramp, and simply work through the pain until it was gone.

Next time I'll make sure my fluid intake is sufficient. And next time a cramp strikes I'll give it a minute and get right back into the game, again. No regrets.

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