These videos show my prowess as a rugby player. Watch as I skillfully perform an array of rugby-playing tasks with mastery.

Catching the ball

If a rugby player has butter fingers he'll fumble the ball. Such costly mistakes don't belong in the top teams of the world. That's why you need me in your team. I consistently catch the ball firmly, no matter the situation, and I'm ready to run with it or to set up the next move.

Running with the ball

Although speed is not as important to a ruck player as it is to a backline player, you'll notice that I have exceptional speed, as well as explosive power. So, even though I play flank in 15s, I have enough speed to play at wing in sevens, which means I'll be an asset to your rugby team.


It's embarrassing when a player can't defend, and it often leads to more points on the scoreboard for the opposition. That's why my defense capabilities will impress you. I'm a terrific tackler. I crash into my prey and cling to them like a barnacle, forcing them into submission.

Scoring tries

Rugby games are won with points, and tries put the most points on the scoreboard. Watch this highlight reel to see me scoring tries. If you're the manager or coach of a top rugby team, I could be your next try scorer.


This highlight reel simply displays my rugby skills on the field.

Graham Festival

I took part in a rugby festival in Grahamstown that was broadcast online. In this video clip you'll hear the announcer mention my name in the first section, while in the latter section I make a spectacular one-handed tackle.

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